Daylesford Outside School Hours Care Vacation Program January 2019

We still have some vacancies - call the centre on 5348 3702.  Copy of Jan 2019 program

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Aims and Goals for the year

  • For children to initiate own play and select from the program provided the experiences that interest them.
  • For children to develop independence and self help skills using
  • routines as learning experiences.
  • For children to become more aware of the natural environment (by fostering curiosity and offering a hands on approach to learning about the natural world.)
  • For children to develop the necessary skills to assist in the building of positive relationships with both adults and children - through role modelling, practice, following own interests.
  • For children to develop a positive self image about themselves by
  • being-valued, listened to, talked to, encouraged, having their needs met, having fun, following own interests, feeling safe and secure.

Staff acknowledge the different ways children learn using Gardner’s
framework of eight multiple intelligences as a guide. These being Visual/spatial intelligence, verbal/ linguistic intelligence, musical/rhythmic intelligence naturalistic intelligence, logical/mathematical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and bodily/kinaesthetic intelligence. (see room notice board for more information).

boy on bike painting