School Holiday Program

Each school holidays the OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) program runs a holiday program for 2 weeks during the 4 school holiday periods.  Contact the Centre on 5348 3702 to book your child's place for the next school holiday program.

School Holiday Program January 2020

Daylesford Outside School Hours Care Vacation Program.  We still have vacancies - call the centre on 5348 3702.  Copy of January 2020 program.

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Infancy is a period of rapid growth and learning, a period where there are indeed endless possibilities for initiating activities, which will foster growth and learning.

In the Possum room we aim to provide a safe and secure environment where the babies’ needs are met by responsive caregivers, thus enabling babies to form attachment with carers. The attachment built up between carers and infants will lay the foundation for trust and autonomy.

beby sand pit

Aims and Goals for the year


  • For children to experience a programme that accommodates and stimulates the growth and skills across all areas of development.
  • For children to have opportunity to build positive relationships with peers and adults.
  • For the children to develop a sense of their personality and social selves.
  • For the children to develop awareness of feelings and ways of expressing them appropriately.
  • For the children to explore their interests and develop independence.
  • To work with families to ensure the best care for their child.

To Create:

  • A homelike environment at the centre to help infants feel secure and comfortable.
  • For all infants to be treated as individuals and with respect regardless of their socio-economic background.
  • To encourage and develop a positive self-concept and a healthy self esteem.
  • For all of the children to be given the opportunity to develop confidence in experiences which are generally stereotyped for certain genders.
  • For caregivers to respond equally to all children.
  • To provide a healthy and safe environment for children to work and play.
  • For caregivers to offer a needs based curriculum that strengthens the child's competence and enjoyment of learning by providing experiences for children to succeed from their own point of view.
  • To respect the individuality of each child and have consideration for their family’s values and culture.

Introducing your baby into the centre

When introducing your baby into the Possum’s group we strongly recommend a gradual introduction (short times to begin with, building up gradually). The best time for the group as a whole is between 10.30 AM and 11.30Am as this gives staff the opportunity to talk with you and find our as mush information as we can about your child.