School Holiday Program

Each school holidays the OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) program runs a holiday program for 2 weeks during the 4 school holiday periods.  Contact the Centre on 5348 3702 to book your child's place for the next school holiday program.

School Holiday Program January 2020

Daylesford Outside School Hours Care Vacation Program.  We still have vacancies - call the centre on 5348 3702.  Copy of January 2020 program.

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Welcome to the children and families in the Wombat room!

We encourage a warm, caring, informal and fun environment for all children and families. A program of individual, age/stage developmentally appropriate experiences will be provided so as to meet the needs of each child.

Throughout the day there are a mix of active and quieter activities for the children to choose from. Individual choice plays a very important role in our program, especially in terms of the development of each child's self-confidence. We encourage the children to try as much, or as little, as they choose, and we respect their need for flexibility, often changing, or adding to the program, as the children require.

It would be great if we could access some information regarding each family's potential input into our program. Your skills / resources are invaluable to us and we ask you to think about things you might like to share with us, at some stage during the year. This doesn't necessarily mean "doing" something for the children, it can also mean things like bringing in junk materials to use in the children's artwork etc. Whatever you are happy to do or give, we would be happy to accept.

If you need any further info, please feel free to ask the staff at any stage. 


Aims and Goals for the year

For all children to feel welcome, secure and comfortable, and to
feel valued and respected.

For all children to enjoy, and benefit from their time spent with us.

For all children to have the opportunity to participate in a child centred
program, where spontaneous interest based learning is encouraged and supported.

For all children to develop in all developmental areas appropriate to
the child’s individual needs, interests and skill level.

For all children to develop the necessary skills to assist them in the
building of positive relationships with both adults and children.

For all children to have an increased awareness, respect and
appreciation of the world and the diversity of its people.