School Holiday Program

Each school holidays the OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) program runs a holiday program for 2 weeks during the 4 school holiday periods.  Contact the Centre on 5348 3702 to book your child's place for the next school holiday program.

School Holiday Program January 2020

Daylesford Outside School Hours Care Vacation Program.  We still have vacancies - call the centre on 5348 3702.  Copy of January 2020 program.

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Availability of childcare places

Contact the centre to enquire about the availability of places.  Availabilty of places depends of the days wanted and the expected start date. The centre makes every effort to accommodate as many families as possible, without compromising the quality of care that is offered, and our management committee review the waiting list monthly.

Apart from the two exceptions outlined below (Priority of access) the centre commits to a strict policy of first come, first served, and no priority or special treatment is ever given to one applicant over another. Although we understand that access to childcare is an issue of paramount importance to some families, we ask all parents to be understanding and respectful of this process.

Waiting lists can fluctuate from time to time so please do not hesitate to call the centre and place your child on the waiting list. We will call you during the year to check whether you still currently require a childcare place and to let you know where you are placed on the list.

Priority of access

As a Federally subsided service we must adhere to the Governments priority of access guidelines. This means that while non working families can use the centre, priority must be given to working / training or employment seeking families. We also ask non working families to understand the need to be flexible with the hours/days they use. Priority must also be given to children who are at risk of serious abuse or neglect, or have other disadvantages (please see our priority of access policy for more details)

Priority of access is also given to sibling children who already have an older brother or sister enrolled in the centre, as the parent's ability to engage in work / study is undermined if all of the children in their care are not accommodated.

The age of the child in terms of availability within the appropriate room for their age group also affects the placement of one child over another, as does the days in which care are needed. We ask all parents to be understanding of the various constraints that effect the placement of their child. We try very hard to achieve the best and fairest outcome for all families.

Bookings and Enrolments

Prospective parents can place their child's name on the waiting list. If a place can be offered then enrolment forms need to be completed before the child can be accepted into the Centre. All sections of the enrolment form are to be completed and it is the parent's responsibility to keep all the information up to date. eg: Emergency contact numbers.

Occasional and emergency care

Please contact the Centre as soon as you realise you need a child care place. One weeks notice is advisable. On your first visit you will be asked to complete an enrolment form, please give yourself at least 10 minutes to do this. We will not accept a child into care without this form being completed.

Occasional Care is also available to our current users at a discounted rate. If you need or desire an extra day/session don’t hesitate to ask at the office. The ‘notification of absence discount‘ (see ‘Absences’) means we often have extra places to offer. We budget to resell a small percentage of places: it keeps your fees down so don’t forget to ask!


The Family Assistance Office will only pay Child Care Benefit for 42 absent days per financial year. The Centre will keep records of all the days your child is absent. Absences due to illness are not counted in the 42 days if parents have a Doctor’s Certificate to verify the illness. Please give all certificates to the co-ordinator.

If your child is absent for more than 42 days you will be charged FULL FEES for any additional days over the 42 allowable absences as the centre cannot claim Child Care Benefit for these days.

We ask parents to inform us ASAP when they know their child will be absent from the Centre. This is very important for our planning of staff, which all impacts on our fees. As an incentive we will credit your account by $10.00 for each day if we are notified by 5pm the night before / or earlier.