Family Day Care: In-Home or In-Venue Care

A Family Day Care scheme provides education and care through a network of approved FDC Educators, who are organised and supported by a professional co-ordinating team.

Family day care provides education and care for children up to 13 years of age in the homes of Family Day Care Educators.

In-venue Family Day Care is provided by FDC Educator’s in an approved venue (e.g. a school, within another community building or community hall etc).

Family Day Care and In-venue FDC provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment for your children, with education and care being provided for small groups of children in the FDC Educators  home or an approved venue. Family Day Care provides the opportunity for you and your children to develop a close relationship with your FDC Educator.

We currently have In Home Care for children under school age in Creswick & Clunes. We offer In Venue Care for school aged children in Clunes.