Committee of Management

The Centre is an Incorporated Association and all parent users are encouraged to become members of the Association by completing an application form for membership. The Centre is managed by parent users who form a Committee of Management. The Management Committee meet once a month and are responsible for staffing, budgets, maintenance and policy development. The Management Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and all parent members of the Association are eligible to nominate for the Committee.

Parent involvement plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between home environment and the Centre. Your participation will promote mutual respect and understanding. We recognise that there are profound differences in parenting styles, attitudes, values and expectations and the Centre aims to be responsive to these differences.

The Centre employs three staff to oversee the day to day running of the centre, liaise with staff and parents and to carry out the various requirements of the centre in relation to funding, accreditation and policy.

Our Early Years Manager is Michelle Callahan, Karyn McColl is our Business Manager, and Andrea Cody is our Assistant Manager and Educational Leader.

The President’s role is ensuring Committee of Management runs efficiently, with input from parents and staff.

The Secretary makes sure systems run smoothly and that record keeping processes are implemented effectively.

The Treasurer’s role is to monitor the financial affairs of the service, ensuring members are aware of the financial status of the centre.