Echidnas – 2 years to 3 years

The Echidna room has 12 children per day with 3 staff. The image of the child as a competent learner from birth drives professionals to provide a safe and stimulating environment, and encourage children to expand their capacities and deepen their knowledge and understandings of the world.

Our Echidna room is run by Shelley, a diploma trained educator who brings enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to the room. Shelley is skilled in creating strong relationships with whole families, ensuring that the connections between home and our centre are beneficial.

We aim to support children and set goals for them to strive.

  • For children to initiate own play and select from the program provided the experiences that interest them.
  • For children to develop independence and self help skills using
  • routines as learning experiences.
  • For children to become more aware of the natural environment (by fostering curiosity and offering a hands on approach to learning about the natural world.)
  • For children to develop the necessary skills to assist in the building of positive relationships with both adults and children – through role modelling, practice, following own interests.
  • For children to develop a positive self image about themselves by
  • Being-valued, listened to, talked to, encouraged, having their needs met, having fun, following own interests, feeling safe and secure.